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Mary Clayton Collins Rach and Jimmy Rach's wedding reception. Please TAG and SHARE if you see yourself in the video or attended this wonderful event. January 5th, 2013 ~ Ashland Gallery, Mobile, Alabama #mcwedding — with Kim Collins, Amy Wadsworth Collins, Joe Collins, Cathy Collins, Rick Collins, Stacy Wellborn, Jimmy Rach, Mary Clayton Collins Rach, John Gwin, Cheryl Clayton Gwin and Gloria Clayton at Ashland Gallery.

Happy Easter from Fort Morgan, Alabama

March 17, 2012 ~ March 18, 2012

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club // Mobile Alabama’s oldest, biggest, best, famous & infamous 66th Annual St Patrick’s Day Party. 3 time elapsed cameras (2 roof + 1 interior) set at 1 minute intervals // from March 17, 2012 6.00am - March 18th 3.00am. 

Oakleigh Historic District Town Hall
916 Charleston St, Mobile, AL 36604
For more info: https://www.facebook.com/CallaghansIrishClub

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March 15, 2012

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club preparing for Mobile’s oldest, biggest and best St Patrick’s Day Party which is happening on Saturday, March 17th!!! Great music all day and night: A Drunker Shade of Green (Irish Music), Rez & The Solutions, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival!!!

Do not miss Callaghans Famous & Infamous 66th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.
916 Charleston St, Mobile, AL 36604

Music: Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Cannonball Rag

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/CallaghansIrishClub

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Friend Johnny Gwin

March 8-10, 2012

RSA BankTrust Building in Downtown Mobile, Alabama (DoMo). Time Elapsed Camera set to 1 minute intervals from 3/08/12 5am - 3/10/12 6am. Shot from the roof of my apartment.
Music by: WHYTRIBE - an art collective of musicians from all over the United States that is directed and records in Mobile, Alabama. To hear more whytribe visit: http://www.whytribe.net/fr_home.cfm

This video is longer than the normal 24 hour time period because I felt the two days together formed a perfect display of a beautiful clear day to overcast -  to rainy day evolution in the Port City. Located next to Mobile Bay ~ Mobile sees it’s share of weather patterns. I was glad to capture a this calming and moody 48 hours of moving clouds, light rain and peaks of sunlight.

The RSA—BankTrust Building, originally the First National Bank Building, is a 34 story, 424-foot (129 m) International Style office tower located in downtown Mobile, Alabama. Located at 107 St. Francis Street Mobile, Alabama, USA (30°41′34.16″N 88°2′28.86″W) it was Mobile’s tallest Building in Mobile from 1965—2007 - 424 feet (424 - 129 m). It is also the home of the famous Mobile New Years Moonpie Drop (http://www.mobilenewyear.com/) and The Bienville Club (located on the top floor).

The center building is The Regions Bank Building (previously known as the Merchants National Bank Building and the First Alabama Bank Building) Completed in 1929, the building rises 236 feet (72 m) and 18 stories. An example of Art Deco architecture. It has a distinctive copper-plated pyramidal roof structure; the height to the base of the pyramid is 190 feet.

The building to the far left is the Wachovia Building (also known as the Southtrust Bank Building), built in 1947 - with 16 stories and it stands at 230 feet.

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MARCH 9th, 2012


The feasting of snacks at Wellborn Ideas in Mobile Alabama during ArtWalk. Time Elapsed camera set at 30 sec intervals from 6pm-9pm.

Music from the amazing and talented lullatone.com.
Get all their great soundtrack and sound design work at http://www.lullatone.com

February 3, 2012

RSA Tower in Downtown Mobile, Alabama (DoMo). Camera set at 1 minute intervals from 6am-6pm. My favorite parts of the video is the fog in the afternoon and fractals that form from the moisture on the lens in the late evening.

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ReXism is alive and well in DoMo ~ February 10th, 2012

President,founder & artist of Nola RIsing, Rex Dingler, setting up his Art Walk Show at Wellborn Ideas in Mobile, Alabama.

See more work by Rex at http://www.rexdingler.com

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January 29, 2012

Place: Callaghans Irish Social Club

Music: Grayson Capps & The Lost Cause Minstrels ~ Highway 42

Opening, Sunday Brunch and Greyson Capps and The Lost Cause Minstrels at Callaghans Irish Social Club in 46 seconds. Located in the Historic Oakleigh District in Mobile, Alabama, this famous landmark is a great place to have a bite, grab a pint and see a band. Voted by Esquire as one of the top 100 Bars in America, Callaghan’s is the neighborhood pub where everyone is a neighbor. Proudly serving hot meat and cold beer since 1946.

(Source: youtube.com)

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

- Senior Bowl 2012

January 28 - 29  10am

Senior Bowl Day re-lived in 46 seconds

Music by: Justin Townes Earle - Dirty Rag (remix)

(Source: youtube.com)